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The IHK-certified private investigators of Kurtz Investigations gladly operate on your behalf in Hamm which is located in the North-East of the Ruhr area. We investigate in private cases such as custody battles, child support and alimony negotiations, and in cases of infidelity. Our corporate detectives in Hamm operate on behalf of businesses and support them by gathering valid evidence in cases of feigned incapacity to work, false claims for expenses and wages, and theft: +49 231 8401 0065.


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Investigations in personal cases: Private detective agency Hamm

Counting 179,921 inhabitants (2015), Hamm is located in a rather rural area of the Westphalian Lowland despite its close vicinity to the Ruhr area and close-by big cities such as Dortmund, Hagen and Recklinghausen. The urban district city is located at the heart of Westphalia and, compared to the rest of the region, can offer a number of sights worth seeing (for example, the Hindu Shankarar Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple, the Pauluskirche (church), the Glass Elephant, and the Water Castle Oberwerries). This is why many visitors from highly populated neighbouring regions come to Hamm. Unfortunately, the range of crimes reported to our private investigators in Hamm is just as diverse. First of all, many of these crimes fall into the category of extremely personal and private issues which our clients are faced with: a cheating partner, stalking, domestic violence, and threat. Such cases require a highly tactful treatment of the case and advice given, as well as a discreet approach and sensitive methods; our investigators know how to treat these issues respectfully.


In addition to that, we help our clients find out if the ex-partner is telling the truth during child support and alimony negotiations and if their income and asset statements are truthful. Ultimately, we will offer valid evidence that can be used in court if need be. Clients also approach us to monitor the treatment of a child during child custody cases in order to find out if the father or the mother offers an environment appropriate for children or if they, perhaps, suffer from drug or medication addiction, alcoholism, if they socialise with potentially harming persons, if they neglect the child, and so on. Our detective agency in Hamm will gladly clear these questions for you. Please make use of our contact form or give us a call for a non-binding interview and advice on your individual case.

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Industrial monuments such as the Zeche Radbod (coal-mine) in the present-day suburb of Hamm-Bockum-Hövel are among the interesting attractions that Hamm can offer.

Successful economic location at the fringe of the Ruhr area | Investigations by our corporate detective agency in Hamm

In 2015, 55,888 employees that were subject to social insurance contributions were registered in Hamm, 42,000 out of which worked in the trade and service sector, and about 13,800 within the manufacturing sector. The unemployment rate with 9.2 % lies only just below the average of the Ruhr area (10.0 %, all numbers from 2016). The biggest employers in Hamm are Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. (automotive part supplier), the BAG Bankaktiengesellschaft, the Hesse GmbH & Co. KG (lacquers and stains), the Westfälische Drahtindustrie GmbH, the Marien Hospital, the St. Barbara-Klinik (clinic), and especially the public service. Apart from that, the city has grown into a great site for logistics businesses, for example, the logistics centre Edeka and Metro Logistics Germany GmbH are located here. Another important supporter of the city's economy is the metalworking industry which is represented by companies such as the Hoffmeier Industrieanlagen GmbH & Co. KG and the Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision GmbH.


The diverse economy of the city offers a wide range of activity for law-abiding inhabitants but also, unfortunately, for criminals: warehouse and cargo crime, unfair competition, data theft and sabotage through third parties are only a few examples of offences committed here. Especially employees manage to gain unfavourable attention. The cases that clients most frequently approach us for are related to suspected fraudulent sick leave, false claims for wages and expenses, second occupations that are not allowed according to the contract, theft, embezzlement, and, finally, bribery. We will gladly use our long-standing experience to help support your business. Give us a call for a non-binding informational interview: +49 231 8401 0065.

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Kurtz Investigations also operates in the adjoining districts of Coesfeld, Soest, Unna and Warendorf.


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