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Our professional and IHK-certified investigators of Kurtz Investigations in Hagen research and monitor suspects in cases of infidelity, theft by burglary of a dwelling, child support and alimony disagreements,  custody battles, fraud, and in many other similar cases. We operate on behalf of private persons and support companies and businesses in corporate cases. These may include situations related to false claims of expenses, employees who take on second occupations that were not agreed on, fraudulent sick leaves, patent infringements, espionage, and violation of non-compete clauses: +49 231 8401 0065.


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Burglary – Both private persons and companies are targets of criminals

Hagen is lovingly called the  "Tor zum Sauerland" (gate to the Sauerland) as the city forms the connection between the Ruhr area and the Sauerland. Counting 186,716 inhabitants, the big city is known nationwide thanks to the FernUniversität. It is also particularly interesting for businesses and companies as it offers a top location what with its vicinity to the Autobahn 45, and with national as well as international train connections. People living in neighbouring towns and cities also appreciate Hagen's good shopping facilities. The Volme-Galerie (shopping arcade) offers more than 60 shops and a great shopping experience, plus it is one of the biggest employers in Hagen which counts 85,000 employees that are subject to social insurance contributions.


Even if Hagen is one of the "smaller big cities" in the Ruhr area, private persons are strongly affected by a high number of burglary cases, facilitated by the excellent traffic connections. In 2014, 494 burglary cases were reported half out of which were daylight burglaries. The burglars prefer targets in Hagen because of the convenient escape options via train or a vehicle of one's own – one could even escape to another country, to one of the close-by Benelux Union, for example. Our detectives in Hagen support victims of a crime like a burglary, as well as in many other, similar cases, and will investigate on their behalf. Our professional private detectives in Hagen will gladly inform you about your individual options – just send us a message through our contact form.

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16,148 crimes, including 2,808 cases of fraud – in one year alone | Corporate detective agency Hagen

The economic structure in Hagen is dominated by small and medium-sized businesses within the metalworking industry and increasingly also within the service sector. Well-known companies such as Varta, Hussel, Christ, Douglas, Holding and Brandt are located in Hagen. Fraud-related offences committed, for example, by dishonest employees (false claims for wages and expenses, and so on) make the life and success of a company difficult. In addition to that, the number of online fraud and scams has also increased dramatically during the past years (for example, in form of unpaid purchases). Especially smaller businesses can be harmed drastically or even ruined by such offences.


If your business or company has suffered from some kind of fraud committed by a third party, or when you suspect that an employee might be harming your business in some way, do not hesitate approaching our qualified and certified corporate detectives in Hagen: +49 231 8401 0065.

Examples for areas of operation in the Hagen region:

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Hengsteysee, Hagen


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