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Our IHK-certified private investigators operate in a wide range of cases in the city of Arnsberg, the entire Sauerland, nationwide, and abroad: To check a suspect's income and assets in a case of child support and alimony calculations, to monitor how a child is treated by an ex-partner when custody issues arise, to monitor employees when suspicions of fraudulent sick leave arise, IT forensic checks when company data and secrets have been stolen, and many more case constellations are an essential part of our services.


Our detective agency in Arnsberg stands for reliable, discreet and valid investigations: +49 231 8401 0065.

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Target persons under surveillance | Investigations by our private detectives in Arnsberg

The reasons that make clients approach our private investigators are of great variety: A spouse who secretly meets with his affair during a city tour (infidelity investigations), an ex-partner who works in hospitality without having this occupation registered and, thus, gains additional alimony support, a stalker who follows their victim at every turn – these cases and many more are an essential part of our seasoned private detectives in Arnsberg and their daily work. 


We also operate on behalf of local and non-local businesses to trace absconding debtors, missing persons and missing vehicles. We summarise the results of our research and surveillance work in a valid investigation report. We will gladly work on your case, too. Send us an email through our contact form with a description of your case or give us a call for a non-binding consultation with our detectives in Arnsberg.

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Old Market in Arnsberg, Germany

Business location and administration centre | A wide range of operations for corporate detectives in Arnsberg

78,542 inhabitants (2016) live in Arnsberg which Westphalians know as the location of the Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg's administration, the biggest administrative region nationwide. Thanks to the wide range of industries represented in the city, Arnsberg had an unemployment rate of only 6.8 % in February 2017 which is far below the average of North Rhine-Westphalia: papermaking, the lighting industry and electric power industry, metalworking and woodworking industries within the manufacturing sector, as well as trade, the hospitality industry, and many more kinds of businesses within the service sector, create a huge number of jobs in the region. In 2016, 29,302 employees that were subject to social insurance contributions were registered as working here, 37.6 % within the manufacturing sector and 62.1 % in the service sector.


One of the most frequent requests at our corporate detective agency in Arnsberg is to monitor a suspicious employee. Fraudulent sick leave, false claims for expenses and wages, a second occupation that is not allowed according to the contract, theft, and a number of other criminal offences by employees can cause enormous damage and loss. Offences committed by competitors can also severely harm a business (for example, through eavesdropping operations and espionage), as well as those committed by third parties (for example, cargo theft during the transportation of goods and products). To solve such crimes and to gather valid evidence for criminal prosecution is what our certified corporate investigators do. Depending on the case, a surveillance within the company or outside will be more useful. In a non-binding phone call, we will gladly inform you about the respective fees of each scenario, and about the chances to solve the case: +49 231 8401 0065.

Examples for areas of operation in the Arnsberg region:

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  • Private Investigator for Bestwig
  • Private Investigator for Brilon
  • Private Investigator for Eslohe (Sauerland)
  • Private Investigator for Hallenberg
  • Private Investigator for Marsberg
  • Private Investigator for Medebach
  • Private Investigator for Meschede
  • Private Investigator for Olsberg
  • Private Investigator for Schmallenberg
  • Private Investigator for Sundern (Sauerland)
  • Private Investigator for Winterberg

Brilon; private investigator Brilon, corporate detective Arnsberg, investigation company Arnsberg
Kurtz Investigations also operates in Brilon and in other cities within the Hochsauerlandkreis (district) or the region of Arnsberg.


*Please note: All operations of Kurtz Investigations Dortmund are executed and billed from the Münsterstraße in Dortmund. The other operating cities and regions advertised on this domain are neither local branches nor permanent establishments of the Kurtz Detective Agency, if not explicitly stated differently. We can offer you affordable traveling expense flat-rates nationwide. The same applies for traveling to a wide range of areas abroad. When operating in the countryside, the cost evaluation starts from the next greater city. You can find further information on our fees here, and on operating areas here.