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Cheating on a partner, chucking a sickie, working illicitly – our seasoned corporate and private detectives investigate only a few kilometres East from Dortmund, between the two rivers Ruhr and Lippe, in Unna and surrounding areas on behalf of companies and natural persons. We will gladly work on your case, too: +49 231 8401 0065.


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From a farming community to an industrial location | Our corporate investigators operate in Unna

Neighbouring city of Dortmund, Unna counts 59,111 inhabitants (2015), is located in the Eastern region of the Ruhr area and grew from a small city to a medium-sized one through numerous incorporations. 396,055 inhabitants (2015) live in the district of Unna, out of which many may commute to the big cities of the Ruhr area for work, but many others also work here, in Unna. Even if the district still hosts numerous agricultural holdings, it has also grown into a strong economic location for crafts, industry, and logistics in the twentieth century. The biggest employers of the district are the logistic companies DHL and DPD as well as WILO SE, Metro, and Amazon who are storing their products in bulk warehouses here.


Unfortunately, many enterprises see themselves faced with dubious intrigues executed by third parties and even employees – Unna is no exception. Theft and embezzlement, unfair alienation of clients, espionage, warehouse and cargo crime, false claims for wages, and manipulation of expenses are only a few of many recurring offences directed against companies. Depending on the circumstances, our IHK-certified corporate detectives in Unna investigate each case individually; we will identify the offender through research and surveillance and create valid evidence with the help of our investigation results. Please send us your request through our contact form, send an email to, or give us a call for a free-of-charge and non-binding consultation to hear about the specific investigation options that are offered by our detective agency.

A wide range of private issues – a wide range of solutions | Private detectives in Unna – certified and discreet

Obviously, our clients are not only from the district Unna but also include clients from other regions who want their ex-/partner to be monitored while they spend time in the district's capital and its surroundings. To monitor a suspected cheating partner, to research dubious statements made by an ex-partner during a custody battle or during alimony and child support negotiations, and to trace absconding debtors or missing persons are an essential part of the daily work of our private detective agency in Unna. We also investigate in cases of stalking, bullying, domestic violence, threat, and many more case constellations.


Private investigations are usually concerned with highly private circumstances and will be treated accordingly. Our private detectives in Unna guarantee absolute discretion. We will gladly talk about your individual case in a private interview. You can make an appointment at +49 231 8401 0065.

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You are in the need of reliable investigation services in Unna? Our IHK-certified detectives are your professional contact.


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